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About Multidisciplinary Initiatives in Naturalistic Decision Systems

The MINDS Group, operating within the User Science and Engineering Laboratory (USE Lab), amplifies the interdisciplinary spirit of the College of Information Sciences and Technology by focusing on the intersection of the socio-cognitive sciences, distributed work, and the engineering design of cognitive technologies.

We emphasize multiple levels of theory, analysis, design, and assessment through the application of the Living Laboratory framework. Much of our theoretical research emphasizes distributed cognition, naturalistic decision making, perceptual learning, mental models, situation awareness, analogical problem solving, and social constructivism,. The acronym used to define ourselves – MINDS Group – collectively represents our vision to produce Multidisciplinary Initiatives in Naturalistic Decision Systems.

Because naturalistic systems underlie themes of research in specific fields of practice – the MINDS Group has conducted interdisciplinary studies in the following domains:

  • piloting and aviation
  • intelligence analyst work
  • medical informatics
  • crisis management
  • information fusion
  • command, control and communications
  • image analyst work
  • environmental planning
  • cyber security operations
  • police cognition.

Part of our approach is developed new human-centered technologies that augment and support both cognitive and collaborative activities. As part this aspect of cognitive systems engineering we have developed:

  • decision aids
  • affective architectures
  • distributed communication
  • human-computer interfaces
  • human-agent teaming
  • fuzzy cognitive maps
  • intelligent group interfaces
  • geographic visualization